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Off Mute - Women in cyber podcast Episode 4

Umaira, exercise lead in the Government Security Red Team.

In this episode of Off Mute - a women in cyber podcast, Isabella speaks with Umaira, an exercise lead in the Government Security Red Team.

Umaira runs us through what red teaming is, how it can improve security posture and what it means for the Civil Service. She also provides unique perspective into a security profession field which is driving the way forward in offensive defence measures, as we consider it in a cyber context as well.

Umaira discusses her experiences working in a male-dominant profession, and provides great advice about line management, career progression, and illuminates another job role in the public sector.

Off Mute Episode 4 Transcript.docx

The creators

Off Mute was created by three fast streamers (Sam, Sophie and Isabella). They are at the start of their careers in cyber security on the Digital, Data and Technology and cyber stream. Their aim is to inspire others and highlight the accessibility of the profession and its necessity in the modern world.


If you’d like to get in touch with the Off Mute team, you can email them at

If you know any women in cyber security with exciting stories to tell – or you are one yourself – get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

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