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How to be an LGBTQ+ ally all year round

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The LGBTQ+ Flag with silhouettes of people underneath

A lot of our diverse communities have different points in the year where things are celebrated, whether that's faith around a religious holiday, history or reflective months. Whilst that can be used as an opportunity to really show that a senior leader and the senior leadership team are really behind the community – this needs to leak out over the rest of the year.

We spoke to Mike about how to be an LGBTQ+ ally all year round.

Off Mute – Women in Cyber Podcast

Rear view on two women working on laptops and additional monitors

Today is International Women’s Day. This year we want to celebrate the women working in security and cyber with the launch ‘Off Mute’, a series of podcast interviews. Listen to episode one, where we hear from Anna, a senior threat analyst at the Home Office. Anna came from a non-technical background, but has worked her way up from an apprentice into a technical line management role. She discusses career progression, the challenges she has faced along the way, and provides her unique insight into the world of cyber.

World Cancer Day 4 February - Nikki Evans Co-chair of the Defence Cancer Support Network, shares her personal experience of cancer

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Children's drawings and writing with the words stay strong and never ever give up

Cancer will affect 1 in 2. Whether we are diagnosed with cancer, care for
someone who has been, have an inherited genetic risk, are a line manger or friend, we will all be affected by cancer. It can be a difficult to navigate, not only on a personal level but also in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To raise awareness on World Cancer Day, Government Security Profession have been speaking with Nikki Evans, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Director of Resources at Air Command and Co-chair of the Defence Cancer Support Network about her personal experience.