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Career framework for Security Professionals

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I thought I'd give a quick update on our work to develop a career framework for our Security Professionals and talk about a few other things we have underway.

We’ve been developing our framework over the last few months, with input from our Heads of Specialisms for Cyber/Information Assurance, Business Continutity, Physical, Personnel and Operational Security. It’ll be published on Civil Service Learning as a BETA in March. Then we'll test the framework with representatives from the wider Security Community and make improvements and changes until it's ready to go live. This has taken a bit longer than I hoped, and in hindsight, Autumn 2015 was a little ambitious, but I feel like we're getting there!

Embedding Security messages across all of our 26 Professions is very important and in March we'll start work with other cross government professions to help build security into the skills and knowledge they require for their day to day work.

I'm also working to bring the management of the Cyber Apprenticeship programme under the Head of  Profession next year.  I’ve enjoyed reading the posts from our Cyber Apprentices in DWP. It's great to see how far they've come in a year.

And yes, we’re still planning to run another Security Profession conference this year, so watch this space!

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  1. Comment by Ian Hunneybell posted on

    Developing the framework is good news; however it has introduced a gap in Civil Service Learning training - Business Continuity being a case in point. The previous course (code BCSP001) is nowhere to be seen, and staff wishing to instigate online training are left with a gap.

    When might such training be reinstated?

    • Replies to Ian Hunneybell>

      Comment by katmckee posted on

      Ian. Thanks for your comment and sorry we haven't picked this up sooner. I'll check with the learning team and come back to you.


      • Replies to katmckee>

        Comment by katmckee posted on

        Hi Ian, the CS Learning team have checked and this course is still available. I'll drop you an email with a contact name to help if you are still having problems accessing the learning.


  2. Comment by Sonni Modi posted on

    Is there a way of getting involved with testing th framework?

  3. Comment by Dee Broadbent posted on

    Government security jobs are now being advertised with a requirement for professional qualifications, including BCS and ISO 27001, however these appear to be more cyber orientated roles and qualifications - what professional qualifications are there for Departmental Security staff in a non-IT role? Are BTEC qualifications recognised and does Government Security recognise affiliation to the Security Institute as a professional body?

  4. Comment by Andy Taylor posted on

    The CESG Certified Professional was always intended to be a non-IT security role-based competence assessment. It does not (in general) require any certifications since it is based on evidence of your competence of doing the job well. (Some of the Certifying Bodies do have exam pre-requisites but one doesn't!).
    It would in my view be much better to require a competence assessment certification than any qualification which is, like any compliance check, acceptable the day it is done and not an indicator of doing it properly (in general).